Sustainable Production

For several years in Saturnia we took the path of sustainable production, commitment attested by ESG Certificate guaranteeing our capacity to align to a series of fundamental requirements for the sustainable development from the economic, environmental, social and corporate governance point of view.

Specifically, the ESG Sustainability Certificate ensures our company stakeholders on our commitment to both environmental and social impact reduction and to the achievement of the objective of sustainable development through:

- Increase in electrical energy production from our new photovoltaic system it allows us to independently produce energy of at least 1,5 MWp, able to cover a large part of our plant energetic needs, relying on yearly produced energy of 1.800.000 KWh, on a total panel surface of 8.000sqm.

- Full production waste reuse.

- 100% industrial waters recycle.

- Our workers’ health protection (certified by ISO 45001:2018 too).   

Our concrete commitment is toward a 100% sustainable production, not an easy target to reach but that it will bring undeniable benefits for us and for our society.